Hunter Fortuin

Brooklyn based software developer.

Things I Currently Work On

Delight Consulting

Delight is the software development agency I co-founded with Shane Boland. Together we've helped companies build world class websites and apps that help save them money, time, and manpower.

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Things I Have Worked On

Diet Cig

Diet Cig is a band that was started by two of my close friends. When it came time for their debut LP to drop, I rebuilt their website and ran an SEO audit so their fans could get the information they needed fast.

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MadGlory is a software development company that focuses on large scale game services. During my time at the comapny I worked on a promotion tool that Entertainment Arts uses to promote new mobile games as they're released.

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Odd Networks

Odd Networks is a software development company that's working towards giving anybody the ability to launch a streaming service similar to Netflix. During my time there I worked on the Android team to develop numerous apps for clients.

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Ecovative Design

Ecovative Design is a materials company that's dedicated to introduce sustainable alternatives to plastics and other resins. During my time at the company I worked as a product design intern and started development of an Enterprise Resource Planning system that I would later continue development on as Delight Consulting.

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Flitti was my introduction to software development. A startup I started out of high school with the goal to gamify life. The project ended up dying, but was a great introduction into the tech industry.

Project Is No Longer Live